Attractive and Cohesive Cities Commission at CAAC

Atlantic cities are characterised by a strong economic drive, good quality of life and cultural wealth which contribute to the attractiveness of their territory. Among these shared assets, the Atlantic Area benefits from numerous environmental resources which should of course be preserved but also enhanced, since they can significantly contribute to cities’ development (sustainable tourism, renewable energies, etc.).
The globalisation of trade heightens competition at international level and commands permanent efforts from the Atlantic Cities in order for them to remain competitive. Furthermore, the EU adopted very ambitious objectives in this sector with the EU 2020 strategy, aiming for « A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”which can only be met through an active role of the cities. Finally, these evolutions have a clear social impact which should be tackled through efforts in training, cohesion and intercultural dialogue.
The Attractive and Cohesive Cities Commission at CAAC is currently led by the city of Avilés.
The issues addressed by this Commission are voluntarily transversal so as to favour synergies between expert players and to encourage integrated approaches. The Attractive and Cohesive Cities Commission bases its activities around the following themes:
1. Economic development: knowledge economy, green activities, innovation;
2. Training;
3. Sustainable tourism;
4. Protection and promotion of the Atlantic natural heritage;
5. Promotion of Atlantic cultural identity.

At the meeting in Niort, Avilés presented an update of this Commission which you can visit HERE.

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