Meeting in Gijon in September: Young People and sustainability

Sustainability is not just an environmental issue,  it is a global concept that includes social issues such as full integration and coexistence of people, mobility and citizen participation, the commitment to responsible consumption or collective identity, among others.
The right to the city understood as “fair use and enjoyment of the cities within the principles of sustainability, democracy, equity and social justice“,  includes the right to public equipment, to public space, accessibility and mobility, and a sense of social belonging, etc… This seminar (September 5 to 7, 2011) will reflect, from an international and practical perspective, on the thematic areas that can influence the social sustainability of cities as inclusive spaces that promote personal and collective coexistence, equality, immigration, etc…

This seminar has the support of the European Commission under the Europe for Citizens program, in the activities of the TONETA project. Partners of TONETA (Gijon, Cardiff, AIRE 198 and Vale do Ave Municipalities) with the support of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities want Atlantic and European youngsters to voice their views so as to integrate them in their strategies and in a simulation game called SUDPOLIS. To this end, at least 30 young people from Europe will attend this seminar and other activities of Cabueñes meeting.  


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