CAAC Commission on Sustainable Urban Development

This Commission confronts the new constraints and disruptions to citizens’ lives (as well as those of future generations) brought about by climate change, cities have a decisive role to play, in particular by striving for environmental excellence.
Undoubtedly, one of the specific characteristics of the Atlantic Arc is the quality of its environment that is evident in the majority of medium-sized cities mindful of maintaining the high quality of life in their territory which is recognized as one of the best in Europe. However, efforts must be intensified to catch up with the most cutting edge countries in terms of “sustainable” management of urban policies. Enhancing resources and policies in favour of environmental excellence through innovation, improving quality of life, protecting biodiversity etc, will also become a factor of attractiveness and therefore of development for Atlantic cities.
The Sustainable Urban Development Commission is led by Nantes Métropole.
The issues addressed by this Commission are voluntarily transversal so as to favour synergies between expert players and to encourage integrated approaches. The Sustainable Urban Development Commission bases its activities around the following themes:
  1.     Energy;
  2.     Transport;
  3.     Housing;
  4.     Coastal areas and ICZM;
  5.     Planning and urban sprawl;
  6.     Waste management;
  7.     Peri-urban agriculture.

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