The CAAC’s Urban Mobility Work Group

The similarity between the challenges in the Atlantic Arc cities, the impulse provided by the network configuration, and the interest in the good practices of the CIVITAS actions, led Gran Poitiers to propose to the group the participation in the fourth call for CATALIST to offer its view on matters such as traffic, access management and reduction of vehicles. From 9 to 11 February 2011, Gran Poitiers in collaboration with Avilés (Spain) and  Cardiff (United Kingdom), participated in the CATALIST workshop held in Graz (Austria), on “soft measures”. The consortium took advantage of the opportunity to organise a workshop on soft measures initiated by the CIVITAS of Graz to host the project. The three cities were able to get to know and share the best practices of the CIVITAS measures with the cities of Graz, Ljubljana and Krakow, and with other cities that are eager to find solutions for sustainable transportation and tourism, such as Maribor (Slovenia) and Arenas de San Pedro (Spain).
This working group presented an update at the Niort meeting, that you can read here.

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