Join INTEGRA to reinforce the attractiveness of your territory

Within the framework of the START European project, co-funded by the transnational co-operation programme Atlantic Area, 13 participants from the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal have undertaken to improve accessibility and intermodality in their territories. They have put together a common framework, “INTEGRA”, which aims to become a benchmark for travellers on journeys from one city to another, currently in the Atlantic Area and in the future for all Europe.
INTEGRA is a unique multimodal and multilingual information portal for preparing your trip ( It is also, once on route, a guarantee that you will find clear, simple and quality information to move round effectively on public transport. The START project will be holding a transnational forum in Lisbon on 27 and 28 October 2011; an opportunity to address the difficulties encountered by travellers and practical solutions to facilitate travel on public transport, led by Integra. Come and join the Integra network!
START was presented at the Niort meeting, just click here to see

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