Why does the EU need macro-regions? : Monika Bogacz

a map of the gaz network in the Baltic Sea region

a map of the gaz network in the Baltic Sea region (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After introducing the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region macro-regions have gained the international attention. At first sight, this Strategy seemed to draw inspiration from other types of the EU policies. Although, the closer look suggests that the Strategy and the macro-regional concept as such have some unique features.
The purpose of this thesis was to contribute to the current debate on the European integration by identifying the aim of the new EU’s Strategies for the macro-regions. In order to do that, the author focused on both, theoretical and practical sides of emerged EU’s Strategies for the Baltic Sea Region and for the Danube Region. The author have argued that the creation of the strategies represents the new way of working in terms of the European cooperation.
Both, qualitative and quantitative methods were used in this thesis. Dividing the thesis into the theoretical consideration and the practical analysis have allowed to present the whole spectrum of the macro-regional strategies, to understand why they have appeared and to define what role they are playing in the EU.
Essential for this case study was to investigate why the macro-regional strategies have been created within the EU structure.

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