The energy of Youth : Mairi McIness

SOURCE : CSE (center for sustainable energy)

Our research found three things:
  •     The accuracy with which young people can collect data about their home is comparable with that collected by adults using a self-completion home energy survey.
  •     The influence of children as quoted by their parents/ guardians is far higher in the school group than in the adult group.
  •     The involvement of young people, together with the provision of written energy advice, as part of a school-based project can significantly influence energy efficiency improvements within the home. This influence increases substantially over time. Householders involved by their children carry out levels of energy efficiency improvements comparable with adults contacting an EEAC direct.
Where have you seen young people take the lead in the organization of major conferences with over 900 attendees from all over the world? How often do you see young people sharing their ideas and debating with their peers on stage at international events?
In other words, to recruit the best young talent the industry needs to act, as it says.
Attracting young talent, however, is not enough: these young people also need to be prepared to face the challenges of the oil and gas industry. This is especially true at a time where recovering hydrocarbons has become more difficult than ever before, as companies move into deeper waters and arctic regions. Hence, companies have to avoid a massive drain of knowledge and make sure it is passed on to the next generation. As this young talent is likely to come from different countries and regions than in the past, the industry should also prepare for an important cultural shift and support this diversity. young people working in the oil & gas industry from all over the world can form a true global youth platform.
The main goal is that these young leaders select the key discussion points, choose the speakers and interact with their seniors on stage at youth events. This means that the brightest minds in the oil & gas industry get the chance to exchange and discuss their views and concerns on the topics of their interest.
Because young people are, after all, our energy leaders of tomorrow.
Mairi Mc Innes analized the energy of youth and the main goals needed to be considered so that young people get involved into the future of energy. You can see her presentation here.

You can also consult a video that takles this subject :


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