Sabine dos Reis was named Ambassadress of Guimarães 2012

Sabine dos Reis was named official Ambassadress of Guimarães 2012 with the aim of establishing connections. The Councillor and President of “Amigos de Guimarães” had been honored in Portugal, last January, along with other ambassadors of the city.
Born in Tourcoing, Sabine dos Reis always lived surrounded by neighbors and friends from North of Portugal: “90% of the Tourcoing’s inhabitants which have Portuguese origins are from the north of Portugal.” Her role as Ambassadress is an opportunity to make known a particular culture and wealth.
“Guimarães’ Heart”
During the month of November, the population of Tourcoing was invited to create the logo Tourcoing / Guimarães 2012. Vincent Lannoo, deputy mayor said: “We launched this competition with the aim of involving all the artists in our city’s cultural project. We got very creative graphic proposals”. The initiative was attended by about 80 people and the winner will win a trip to Guimarães.

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