Guimarães 2012: European Culture Capital twin cities sponsor joint initiatives

Maribor launches its year-long European Capital of Culture programme Friday, while Guimarães kicks-off on 21 January.
The northern Portuguese city of Guimarães is committed to working closely with Slovenia’s Maribor in their twin hosting of the European Capital of Culture programme this year, according to city councilwoman Francisca Abreu.

“We will give our best to establish a lasting and consistent relationship with Maribor”, Slovenia’s second biggest city, and in carrying out “joint projects” throughout the year, Abreu told news agency Lusa.

She noted, however, that existing ties between Portugal and the eastern European nation were “more recent” and lacked the historic density that had linked Porto and Rotterdam in the twined cultural European event in 2001.

The programme coordinator for Maribor, Natasa Kos, told Lusa by telephone that the two cities would collaborate in a variety of paired cultural initiatives.

Kos listed some of the joint initiatives as youth travel exchanges, the publishing of two anthologies of Portuguese and Slovenian 20th century poetry, and a weekend dedicated to football and concerts.

Source: Lusa News


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