Global Cities’ Covenant on Climate: The Mexico City Pact

By signing the Pact, Mayors and local authority representatives commit to:

  1. Reduce their local greenhouse gas emissions voluntarily
  2. Adopt and implement local climate mitigation measures designed to achieve their voluntary reduction target
  3. Develop local adaptation strategies to address the local impact of climate change
  4. Register their emission inventories, commitments, climate mitigation and adaptation measures and actions in a measurable, reportable and verifiable (MRV) manner
  5. Seek the creation of mechanisms that allow direct access to international funding for local climate actions
  6. Establish the Mexico City Pact Secretariat
  7. Promote the involvement of civil society in the fight against climate change
  8. Advocate and seek partnerships with multilateral institutions and national governments on our local climate actions
  9. Promote partnerships and city-to-city cooperation
  10. Spread the message of the Mexico City Pact

Atlantic Cities like Brest Métropole Océane, Nantes Métropole and Lisbon are already part of it.

You can learn more on the Pact at its WEBSITE


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