SALTO TOOL: (young) Debate for Sustainable Development

By exercise Debate for Sustainable Development can be open session focus on issue of sustainable development or other related topics. The exercise is based on active communication and participation of the participants. This SALTO tool can be used as an example for the simulation game SUDPOLIS that TONETA wants to create.
Aims of the toolTo increase knowledge of the participants in the field of sustainable development;
To discuss most actual questions connected with the issue of sustainable development and support sharing and exchanging ideas and opinions;
To develop communication and presentation skills of the participants and support their active in involvement in the project.

Description of the toolThe participants are divided in teams (It can be created up to 8 teams. It depends how many questions should be discussed and how much time is preferable that the participants will spend by this activity). The number of the participants should not be more than four to support active involvement of all participants.

More on this tool: SALTO

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