Creative Cities in Gijon

Gijón has recently created a working group on creative cities under the auspices of the Know-Cities Atlantic Area Project. The Group has been formed thanks to the participation of the city of Gijón in the project Know-Cities, cities of knowledge of the Atlantic and has public and private participationGijón keeps working to ensure its place at the forefront of the Knowledge Cities within the framework of its participation in the project Know-Cities (funded by INTERREG IV-B, Atlantic area). Under this project, the Office of International Initiatives and European Affairs of the city of Gijón, local manager of the project, has been these last months setting a series of local working groups, one of which had its official launch meeting on February 23th.This group, linked to the promotion of non-technological innovation and creative cities, is integrated by Gijon young entrepreneurs linked to these areas, as well as by the economic area of the municipality of Gijón and its Office of international initiatives and European Affairs.

Over 18 months, the group will work with and through the city, in line with the rest of Atlantic cities participating in the project, in order to collaborate in the construction of guidelines that create wealth, employment and quality of life at the local level.

Sponsored by the Conference of Atlantic Arc cities and led by Sebastian Fomento-San, Know-Cities is a project which aims to place Atlantic mid-size cities at the forefront of knowledge cities. Know-Cities is funded by the ERDF as part of Atlantic space programme 2007 – 2013.

Source: Gijon City Council


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