Gijon: New European project on Sustainable Energy

Cities Exchanging on Local Energy Leadership (CASCADE)

Gijon, toghether with Nantes Métropole and other cities is developing the CASCADE project. The goal of CASCADE is to design and deliver large-scale networking opportunities and mutual learning activities for local energy leadership. It involves 19 large EU cities and expert partners in 3 thematic areas: energy in transport; renewable energy and distributed generation; energy efficiency in buildings and districts. CASCADE’s aims are to: – Improve the implementation of sustainable energy action plans and other related local targets. – Optimise networking between cities to ensure meaningful and sustained communication and sharing of good practices. Promote the position of cities as transfer agents within their country to overcome the language barrier inherent to transnational exchange. CASCADE will improve the implementation of sustainable energy policies through 3 cascading levels of high quality networking and mutual learning activities including more cities as the project progresses: Year1: 6 peer learning programmes among 19 partner cities Year2: 21 EUnetworking activities -study tours,mentoring and shadowing visits among 38 cities(20 additional cities mainly from new member states) Year3: regional peer advice to 36 cities and 11 national technical seminars.
More information and source: Intelligent Energy Europe

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