EUROTEX ID: the strategic role of textile museums

Eurotex ID is a natural progression of Twintex Museums project – – promoted by the Municipality of Prato and ACTE, with its over-70 European textile centers. This project, funded by the EU Culture programme, debates on the strategic role of textile museums in the process of economic and social transformation of urban centers and the transition of industrial districts towards the knowledge-based economy. It focused on the conservation and the stop of loss of European textile heritage, deriving from the destruction of textile sample books which represent a basic witness of European productive history. The main objectives of this project are:
– to set up a European network of museums, fashion design schools, local authorities and textile companies with a view to enhancing and re-exploiting the local know-how of textile territories as means of facilitating the process of transition of European textile districts towards the knowledge-based economy;
– to establish the structural conditions necessary to extend European textile identity study and enhancement initiatives to other textile museums in Europe via the adoption of a standard European cataloguing system which may be used by all players, be they museums or textile companies still in business;
– to encourage new generations of designers to turn to museum collections for inspiration when designing textiles and items of clothing with a view to re-interpreting European textile traditions and exploiting the relative know-how according to a contemporary, creative approach.
– to confirm the concept of European citizenship and encourage intercultural dialogue via enhancement of the common features of the European industrial textile heritage;
Vale do Ave participates in this project toghether with other six partners.
More info and Source: ACTE

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