Birdwatching at Gijón’s Atlantic Botanical Garden

The second Sunday of each month we can discover the birds that inhabit Gijon’s Atlantic Botanical Garden.  People from the Ornithological Group “La Carbayera del Tragamón” guide this visits for free. This is a different way to visit the gardens, paying attention to its singing animals: the birds.Recently, in February, we have gone on a tour around the gardens in order to share with you that lovely experience. Would you like to join us next time?

We had a sunny day so we could watch lots of birds. Depending on the part of the year and the day, we can see different species and behaviours. During the last visits, about 25different species were sighted. In February birds look for a couple to build their nest. The visit started in the Cantabric area, where doves and tits made their first appearance, while the guide explained about their customs.

On the Plant Factory area we could watch a female finch and some Iberian chiffchaffs. We highlight that many birds inhabit throughout the year in the Atlantic Botanical Garden as thrushes, tits and chickadees. Other species as the redwing only come in winter.

More information: Visit Gijon

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