Identification and mobilization of #Solar Potentials via #Local Strategies

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POLIS (Identification and mobilization of solar Potentials via Local Strategies) is a European funded project under the Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme aiming at the implementation of strategic town planning and local policy measures to activate the solar ability of urban structures in European cities. Within the framework of POLIS project, CAAC member Lisbon in Portugal together with the Atlantic City of Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain and Lyon and Paris in France, Munich in Germany, Malmö in Sweden have committed to develop :

•  Pilot Actions: short-term priorities such as identification of solar potentials, development and implementation of town planning measures…
•  Action Plan: long-term strategic action plans to integrate solar energy at urban level embedded in overall  planning strategies of participating cities

Within the solar Action Plans developed by POLIS Cities, more than 60 short-term measures have been identified to support the upgrade of solar energy at urban level.
To promote solar energy at urban level cities will focuses on 4 key issues:

    Urban and building structures;
•    Energy supply and consumption structure;
•    Existing solar actions and measures;
•    Urban planning practices regarding solar energy

From this perspective, POLIS project brings together local authorities with different experiences and varying states of urban development, to share their knowledge on solar town planning and encourage further activities within the scope of an expert network for cities.

Finally, POLIS project will be described and evaluated as a background for the development of planning references and legal guidelines, in order to disseminate best practice transfer to other cities that represent a major outcome of the project.

Source: CAAC


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