#Cardiff Local #Development Plan – Your City, Your Future

What is the Local Development Plan?It’s a plan which sets out how the city will develop and grow socially, economically and environmentally over the next 16 years.  The plan will make sure the city continues to thrive as a world class, quality of life capital city for Wales. The plan will capture the future of our city which will impact and affect almost everyone and everything in some way, whether socially, environmentally or economically.

Why is Local Development Plan needed for Cardiff?
Everyone who lives, works and visits Cardiff as well as the businesses that provide services to its citizens will be influenced by the LDP. The population of the city is growing and it’s the role of the Council to make sure that the city can accommodate and provide a good quality of life for all its citizens. The LDP will identify where in the city, new developments and communities can be built.

Where will the Local Development Plan cover?
The whole of the city. However, different parts of the city may be affected in different ways as the plan will need to show areas for new development together with areas that will be protected from development.
When will the Local Development Plan start?

The LDP must be prepared in accordance with the Wales Assembly Government’s rules. The process is a long one but this enables consultation with the community at all stages. It’s set out in the following proposed phases so that we can prepare the plan while taking your views into consideration:

  •     Strategic Options & Sites Consultation – May/June 2011
  •     Preferred Strategy approval followed by consultation – October 2012
  •     Deposit Plan approval followed by consultation – September 2013
  •     Alternative Site Consultation – March 2014
  •     Submission to WAG for examination – August 2014
  •     Adoption and Implementation of the LDP – October 2015

source : Cardiff Council


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