#Gijón: hosting the #Davis Cup semifinal

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) ratified the approval of Gijón to host the Davis Cup semifinal.
So, between 14 and 16 September 2012, will be held in the Castro Brothers park  (old English park) the semifinal between Spain and the United States.With this, end the doubts and uncertainty generated by the International Tennis Federation.”We had to work hard for it, but never doubted that I would be in Gijón. It is the best possible venue and deserves to host the Davis Cup,” said Jose Luis Escañuela, president of the RFET.

Gijón City Council is the organizer, and therefore be responsible for installation in the Castro Bothers park a track of clay competition with capacity for 15,000 people and another next to it aimed at team training. At the Luis Adaro enclosure, are enabled a media center for accredited media, an area for the administration of the organization and private VIP areas available to the federations, governments and sponsors.

The City Council is expected that this major sporting event to have a significant economic impact for the city.For weeks, following the decision by submitting RFET Gijon to host this meeting, the hotels in the city have seen a veritable avalanche of reserves, Emissaries of the Federation of American Tennis (USTA) and the Reft andhave been visiting the city and nearby facilities that will be part of the future circuit Davis Piles on the banks of the park as the Castro brothers and the Trade Fair.They have also looked on the ground the hotels in the region.

The Spanish team reached the semifinals after having played his first two rounds at home and while the U.S. is the country’s most successful competition.The American team won the first title in 1900 and since then it has imposed a total of 32 occasions.Spain won its first bowl in 2000 and has been five times Davis Cup champions.

source :  Gijón 

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