8th #European #Cycle Touring Week

There is a Europe of summits, an everyday Europe close to us and together, they make a citizens’ Europe.
To get better acquainted with all there is to see, we present the European Cycle Touring Week which aims to become a festival on an international scale and worldwide fame. The Week will be held during the month of July in one of the countries affiliated to the European Union of Cycle Touring (UECT).
Cycle touring is above all, an activity promoting relaxation, leisure and of course sporting activity in which everyone can participate. A sport without racing, stop watches or classifications – just for the pleasure of discovering new places, new countries, and new friendships  from the four corners of this new Europe.
Cycle Touring:  Practice of tourism with a bicycle.
The European Cycle Touring Week wants to be a celebration of tourism for Gijón and all the Asturian community. Through a proposal of routes for road and mountain bikes, each cycle tourist coming from all over Europe will be able to appreciate the attractiveness of the region, cycling at their own pace without worrying about their age or physical condition.

More info : gijoncicloturismo2012


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