Youth Engagement for Sustainable Urban Planning: Tools and Prospects @ World Urban Forum 6

The event  organised by The Creative Room will present powerful tools and strategies for engaging young people in urban planning processes. Building on the experience of an international panel of experts – which includes urban designers, youth leaders, academics and policy analysts – concrete methodologies which take into account governance and social dynamics of cities will be showcased.

The workshop aims to connect visionary youth with city planners and local and national governments representatives for a constructive dialogue on efficient public-private partnerships that focus on quality of life and economic growth.

The event programme includes a panel discussion, an interactive simulation of the Habitat methodology as well as a “Questions and Answers” session.

The Habitat methodology – presented in the frame of the workshop – managed to synthesize the conundrums of the urban legislation that define the urban planning of Bucharest and further advance the debate of what are the other factors that contribute to the sustainable and prosperous development of a city.

The themes tackled in the frame of the event include, but are not limited to: city economic vitality, the built environment – the institutional and regulatory framework for planning, city cultural vitality, local community and urban planning, stakeholders in urban development.

More info : Odaia Creativa


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