InterCITY – European peer learning on local youth policy

10-12 October 2012 | Leipzig, Germany

This European conference offers a platform for european municipalities to exchange and learn from each other in the field of local youth policy.

Youth-related challenges like the transitions from youth to adulthood, youth unemployment, education and social participation, growing demands on the young people’s time and reduced space for their living occur in similar forms in many European countries and are subject to national and European policies. Equally, in many European countries it is the municipalities that are responsible for youth services and youth work. Municipalities are the level that is closest to the citizens and as such they are the central agent for providing the conditions of living and growing up for young people.


The conference aims at

  • Offering agents from all over Europe an opportunity to discuss various subjects and have an exchange about them;
  • Present good practice examples showing how municipalities in Europe exercise youth policy;
  • Stimulate the municipalities to take an active part in developing youth policy and youth work on the national and European levels;
  • Draw attention to the European trans-local exchange and European peer-learning as strategies for furthering the development of municipal youth policy and awaken interest in them;
  • Offer a platform for developing European networks;
  • Make municipalities more aware of the EU youth strategy and its added value for youth services.

More information : SALTO-YOUTH