Cardiff Design Festival

Cardiff Design Festival

Cardiff Design Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An annual celebration of design in Wales

There is a wealth of talented designers and design thinkers in the city and across Wales and it’s the Festival’s mission to ensure that their skills and passion are recognised and valued by the public and by business as well as by fellow design professionals.

Each year therefore Cardiff Design Festival is convened and co-ordinated by Cardiff School of Art & Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University as an annual celebration of design with a programme of design related events that inform, inspire and provoke to shine a light on the importance of the design sector.

The Festival provides a spotlight on the design sector and shows how design affects every aspect of our lives from the beds we sleep in to the way cereal packets keep our breakfast fresh, to how journeys to work are signposted and our work places are designed.

The design community organises a series of talks, exhibitions and events that will run from 28 September to 13 October this year and whether you’re a designer or not you’ll love what we have planned.

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