Cardiff Transition Community Mapping

Why a mapping Project?

The Transition community of Cardiff wanted a way to know what was going on in Cardiff and how to get involved whilst also wishing more groups with similar agendas worked together not in isolation so that effective partnerships and combined efforts could bring greater results. Others wanted to celebrate the quantity of action occuring across Cardiff. Whilst a few saw the strategic element of a database/map when deciding where to hold events, have talks, develop outreach and support new projects.

What have we done!!

Through volunteer time we have a created a valuable community resource the largest database, physical map and online interactive map of community groups, projects and organisations in Cardiff who support in some way shape or form environmental, sustainability, climate change issues. This is not just “Greeny” groups but everything from support agencies down to a local community gardens and friends of groups. The map and database are growing all the time with help from the community and our dedicated team of volunteers.

A number of sources have been used in building this database:

  •     WCVA database
  •     CF Hub
  •     Cardiff Transition members
  •     Nigel Pugh’ List
  •     Facebook search
  •     Search engines
  •     Community knowledge

Click the community map tab above or go to

Source : Cardiff transition community


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