Developping women’s skills for the future labour market

Sophia is a female name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for “Wisdom”, and this name is perfect to describe a project based on women’s knowledge.  The SOPHIE partnership will enable women to share and exploit their knowledge and experience in a Web 2.0 context, therefore they will develop ICT skills and social skills, at the same time a mutual support system and  to encourage a guidance network where every woman has valuable knowledge to share.

SOPHIE attempts to connect professional and vocational guidance, informal and formal systems in collaborative and participative sceneries where everybody has something to contribute with.

Why this project?
Women have been traditionally in an unequal position in most of the areas. As a result of this , there are several gaps that have been preventing them living to their full potential. Society is not taking full advantage of their potential and talent, so communities are not progressing as they could.

Labour market forecasts point out that the future labour market will require new skills and the qualification levels, and demand will be higher. For this reason, women should act now, through means of innovative guidance systems. This will enable improved access to the future labour market whilst avoiding the skill mismatch.

The situation of women isdifferent for each EU Partner and through this project we will get to know better the reality of women in each of these countries.

Through this EU partnership we will  be able to connect women in order to set a network of support and informal professional guidance.

There are different facebook groups coordinated by partners, so join us!

Fuente : Sophia


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