Cidade campus


guimaraes.01.2012 (Photo credit: Helder Caixinha)

The Cidade Campus will bring together highlights of the Cidade Programme of Guimarães, European Capital of Culture (ECOC) 2012, plus introduce a new set of interactions, presentations and collaborations to collectively ‘re-imagine the possibility of the city’. This is our moment for reflection, boundary-crossing discussion and future-planning.
Cidade Campus will focus on what we have learnt and achieved through the Cidade demonstration projects of Guimarães 2012, and it will set out challenges and opportunities for the city (and other smaller cities) in the future. It will also showcase Couros as an example of culture-led regeneration, creative collaboration and open thinking regarding what is possible if we coordinate activities, share agendas and show coherent and long-term vision and commitment.This is not a normal conference or symposium: there will be no long keynote speeches or tedious plenary sessions. This will be as an open programme of workshops, installations and screenings. Participants can move flexibly between activities, post ideas for discussion, present their own ideas, and engage as little or as much as they wish.

Source: Guimarães

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