Cardiff: New international photography festival Diffusion

The National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

The National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new international photography festival is on its way to Cardiff, with national photography development agency Ffotogallery preparing to launch the month-long event for the first time this May.

Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography will run from May 1 to 31 with exhibitions, performances and events set to feature in venues across the city.

Festival organisers said Diffusion would showcase work from photographers across Wales alongside international names, as well as providing opportunities for the public to get involved, and an aim of bringing new visitors into the city.

Exhibitions and events will be held in existing venues and public spaces, with artist talks, workshops, a PhotoMarathon, photo book fair, independent publishing weekend, schools’ programmes and “photographic rambles” around the city all being planned. A full programme of events will be revealed at the festival’s official launch on February 14.

The festival, which will run every two years, will have a theme for 2013 of “And Where Are We Now?”

Organisers said: “This was the question we asked artists, cultural producers, curators and programmers to address with their contributions to Diffusion 2013, and the one we will be exploring with audiences and participants.

“People encounter photographic images daily not only in newspapers, magazines, on TV and in advertising, but also through online channels, mobile phone applications and social networking sites. We live in a time of image glut, and with the boundaries increasingly blurred between artist and audience, amateur and professional, we might ask and where is photography now?”

The theme will also see photographers look at our position in Europe, and how photography is used to record contemporary life and “imagine a future” within the continent and the wider world.

Diffusion, which is being funded by the Arts Council of Wales, will see Ffotogallery work in partnership with a range of organisations, including Bay Art, Chapter, g39, the National Museum Cardiff and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Source:  yourcardiff


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