Lorient, Saint Nazaire et Poitiers labellisées Cit’ergi

Cit’ergie est l’appellation française du label European Energy Award (EEA) mis en œuvre dans plusieurs pays européens (Allemagne, Autriche, Suisse, etc.) et déjà accordé à plus de 1300 collectivités européennes.


A l’occasion des 17èmes Assises européennes de la transition énergétique, l’ADEME a remis, le 28 janvier, les labels Cit’ergie et Cap Cit’ergie à 19 nouvelles collectivités, dont 11 localisées en Arc Atlantique.

Parmi celles-ci, plusieurs membres de la Conférence des Villes de l’Arc Atlantique, comme l’agglomération de Lorient et sa ville, la ville de Saint Nazaire et l’agglomération du Grand Poitiers. Il faut signaler que l’agglomération de Saint Nazaire a été élue vice-présidente de la CVAA à l’Assemblée Générale de La Rochelle. De même, Grand Poitiers a formalisé son adhésion lors de celle-ci.

La démarche Cit’ergie se traduit, au niveau de la Stratégie Urbaine Atlantique, par une prise en compte de la valeur des villes atlantiques en tant que capitales de l’Europe Verte.

Source : Cit’Ergie, communiqué de presse // CVAA


Source photo : Citi’ergie cc Sarah Alcalay


Atlantic City of the Year: Frequently asked questions:

I can’t wait to see which city will be awarded this year!

Atlantic Arc Cities


The competition to choose the Atlantic City of the Year 2015 has been opened for two months and CAAC Secretariat has received several questions from interested cities that can help foreseen candidates in the drafting of their proposals:

1. What do we have to send?

Participation is quite simple. Every interested city has to send the filled form, which consists on the main contact details and an action plan that explains how the city intends to develop the Atlantic City of the Year events.

2. Where do we have to send it?

It can be sent by e-mail in a pdf version to generalsecretariat (a) atlanticcities.eu

3. Who can participate?

As stated by the rules, all cities and towns located in the European Atlantic Arc are invited to participate. The Atlantic cities from other continents will participate under a special mention.

4. We are not member of CAAC…

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XIX Jogos Náuticos Atlânticos – XIX Juegos Náuticos Atlánticos – XIX Jeux Nautiques Atlantiques – XIX Atlantic Watersports Games

A brief by Nicolas Derval, an expert on sustainable tourism in the Atlantic Area

Consultor en Turismo Sostenible

Mañana empiezan los Juegos Náuticos Atlánticos, desde 15 al 19 de julio en Viana do Castelo (Portugal): este año 400 atletas de alto nivel, procedentes de 17 regiones vienen a competir para esta auténtica muestra de la náutica en el Espacio Atlántico. Mediante este intercambio deportivo-cultural, Los Juegos Náuticos tienen como ambición de ilustrar y promover esta competencia náutica específica del Espacio Atlántico (un polo éconómico y humano de referencia a nivel mundial para el s. XXI). Mañá comezan os Xogos Náuticos Atlánticos, dende o 15 ata o 19 de xullo en Viana do Castelo (Portugal): este ano 400 atletas de alto nivel, procedentes de 17 rexións, veñen a competer para esta auténtica mostra da náutica no Espazo Atlántico. Mediante este intercambio deportivo-cultural, os Xogos teñen como ambición de ilustrar e promover esta competencia náutica específica do Espazo Atlántico (un polo económico e humano de referencia a nivel mundial para…

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Welsh Proms Cardiff Festival to boost UK tourism industry

English: Coal Exchange, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, ...

English: Coal Exchange, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the summer months Cardiff takes on a carnival atmosphere with events taking place in and around Wales’ capital as part of Cardiff Festival. Of all those events the Welsh Proms Cardiff are both the longest established and the jewel in the crown. For over a week every corner of St David’s Hall, the National Concert of Wales throngs to a variety of different music, ranging from some of the city’s youngest and most talented musicians to international quality symphony concerts, creating an irresistible party buzz Whether it’s listening to the superb range of music on offer, just browsing in the gallery or relaxing in the cafe and bars, it’s all here for you at St David’s Hall.

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