XIX Jogos Náuticos Atlânticos – XIX Juegos Náuticos Atlánticos – XIX Jeux Nautiques Atlantiques – XIX Atlantic Watersports Games

A brief by Nicolas Derval, an expert on sustainable tourism in the Atlantic Area

Consultor en Turismo Sostenible

Mañana empiezan los Juegos Náuticos Atlánticos, desde 15 al 19 de julio en Viana do Castelo (Portugal): este año 400 atletas de alto nivel, procedentes de 17 regiones vienen a competir para esta auténtica muestra de la náutica en el Espacio Atlántico. Mediante este intercambio deportivo-cultural, Los Juegos Náuticos tienen como ambición de ilustrar y promover esta competencia náutica específica del Espacio Atlántico (un polo éconómico y humano de referencia a nivel mundial para el s. XXI). Mañá comezan os Xogos Náuticos Atlánticos, dende o 15 ata o 19 de xullo en Viana do Castelo (Portugal): este ano 400 atletas de alto nivel, procedentes de 17 rexións, veñen a competer para esta auténtica mostra da náutica no Espazo Atlántico. Mediante este intercambio deportivo-cultural, os Xogos teñen como ambición de ilustrar e promover esta competencia náutica específica do Espazo Atlántico (un polo económico e humano de referencia a nivel mundial para…

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Nantes Creative Generations

Hello friends,
I come to you to bring some information about Nantes Creative Generations (NCG), an initiative that, I’m sure, will interest you.
NCG aims at encouraging and bringing together young European adults involved in innovative projects designed to strengthen the no­tion of citizenship, of «living together». Please find enclosed a complete presentation in the new NCG brochure.
Together with local associations, the City of Nantes and Nantes Metropole are organizing on 24-26 October 2013 the next edition of the NCG youth initiative Forum.
During these 3 days in Nantes, young Europeans and young Nantes projects holders will be invited to present projects, debate, share experiences, improve skills and take part to cultural events. As well as showcasing their own projects, participants will have the chance to learn from peers across Europe and to gain better understanding of the European dimension of local projects.
As we are now seeking applications from young people aged 18-30 to present their innovative and inspirational projects linked to citizenship, you’ll find enclosed the 2013 NCG Forum application form.
Applications must be submitted by 31st May and projects selected will be notified in June.
Please feel free to spread the word to all your networks, NGO’s and any people you think might be interested.
Our website is under (re)construction. Meanwhile, you can follow NCG on Twitter :https://twitter.com/NCG_Nantes
For further informations, don’t hesitate to contact me,
Thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards.
Antoine PARROT
Europe officer / International Relations Department

Save the Date: Meeting in Guimaraes 17 & 18 May


So as to know the venues and the programme, click below:

Agenda of the meeting

After lots of discussion between city representatives and young people, TONETA partnership has discovered that sport is essential to reach these goals so they are organizing a meeting in Guimaraes (Portugal) next may.  Guimaraes is the European Capital of Sports 2013 and Cardiff will be the same in 2014.

Moreover, the European Commission has opened a call 2013 Preparatory Action “European Partnership on Sports” that closes on July 19th. Should you be looking for partners, this meeting will offer opportunities to find the best!

As 9th May is Europe’s Day and the General Assembly of the Atlantic Regions is to be hold in Porto on 16th and 17th May, TONETA partnership has decided to organise a meeting on next 17th and 18th May in Guimaraes:

Sport and Atlantic Cities: A young strategy for urban cohesion

50 beds are provided for those coming outside 50km of the city. They will be available in a firt come first served basis and they are located in hostel rooms (2-4-6-8 people)  . Should you wish to book one of them, please write to sandracunha   (a)  amave.pt

You can register to the event here:

We have also started a crowdfunding campaign to help with the organization of the meeting and trying to provide travel scholarships, in preference for the youngsters coming from Gijon, AIRE 198 (La Rochelle, Niort, Angoulême and Poitiers).  You can consult it here.


So as to arrive to Guimaraes, the best idea is to fly to Porto (or Lisbon) and then take a train.

Looking forward to seeing you in Guimaraes!!!

Developping women’s skills for the future labour market

Sophia is a female name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for “Wisdom”, and this name is perfect to describe a project based on women’s knowledge.  The SOPHIE partnership will enable women to share and exploit their knowledge and experience in a Web 2.0 context, therefore they will develop ICT skills and social skills, at the same time a mutual support system and  to encourage a guidance network where every woman has valuable knowledge to share.

SOPHIE attempts to connect professional and vocational guidance, informal and formal systems in collaborative and participative sceneries where everybody has something to contribute with.

Why this project?
Women have been traditionally in an unequal position in most of the areas. As a result of this , there are several gaps that have been preventing them living to their full potential. Society is not taking full advantage of their potential and talent, so communities are not progressing as they could.

Labour market forecasts point out that the future labour market will require new skills and the qualification levels, and demand will be higher. For this reason, women should act now, through means of innovative guidance systems. This will enable improved access to the future labour market whilst avoiding the skill mismatch.

The situation of women isdifferent for each EU Partner and through this project we will get to know better the reality of women in each of these countries.

Through this EU partnership we will  be able to connect women in order to set a network of support and informal professional guidance.

There are different facebook groups coordinated by partners, so join us!

Fuente : Sophia