Newsletter TONETA II

Here you can read the second newsletter of the project with and update on the four partners: Gijón, Vale do Ave, Cardiff and AIRE 198.

You can download the newsletter HERE


External Action of Local Governments: The Internationalization of Cities

From 14 to September 16, three city members of the Executive Bureau of CAAC participate as speakers at the seminar “The External Action of Local Governments: The Internationalization of Cities“, organized by the FEMP. This meeting aims to: analyze the external action of local governments as a phenomenon of growing interest in local government, study the work dynamics of cities already embarked on an international level, deepening on international strategies already implemented by cities and examining and disseminating different practices in international relations as they are currently developed by Spanish local governments.Avilés (Chairman of the Committee Attractive and Cohesive Cities) and Gijon (Vice President) will present their experiences and best practices on socio-cultural dimension of the international promotion of cities, while Sevilla (Vice President) will guide attendees on how to design internationalization strategies.

The CAAC’s Urban Mobility Work Group

The similarity between the challenges in the Atlantic Arc cities, the impulse provided by the network configuration, and the interest in the good practices of the CIVITAS actions, led Gran Poitiers to propose to the group the participation in the fourth call for CATALIST to offer its view on matters such as traffic, access management and reduction of vehicles. From 9 to 11 February 2011, Gran Poitiers in collaboration with Avilés (Spain) and  Cardiff (United Kingdom), participated in the CATALIST workshop held in Graz (Austria), on “soft measures”. The consortium took advantage of the opportunity to organise a workshop on soft measures initiated by the CIVITAS of Graz to host the project. The three cities were able to get to know and share the best practices of the CIVITAS measures with the cities of Graz, Ljubljana and Krakow, and with other cities that are eager to find solutions for sustainable transportation and tourism, such as Maribor (Slovenia) and Arenas de San Pedro (Spain).
This working group presented an update at the Niort meeting, that you can read here.

Atlantic citizenship meets in Aviles:

During the European Year for Volunteers 2011 and within the Programme “Europe for Citizens“, in early February Aviles hosted the Atlantic Citizens Meeting with the citizens of Saint-Nazaire, a city with which it was twinned in 2003. The get-together, promoted by the city of Aviles’ Town Council Department for Citizen Participation and the Coordinator for European Programmes, includes the active participation of Aviles’ associations, with a total of 22 entities that make up the organisation together with the school workshop COMUNIKA. The Saint-Nazaire delegation is made up of 30 people, including Town Hall representatives and technicians, members of neighbourhood councils, and different members of associations and federations. The aim of the Meeting was to exchange experiences regarding citizenship participation; promote the direct knowledge of the reality of both cities and propose initiatives to be carried within the framework of the European Year for Volunteers.

These and other joint activities were presented at the Niort meeting. You can consult the presentation here.

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