Niort : Project on Youth policies

The project takes place in Niort, prefecture of the department of Deux-Sèvres. Niort is a city about 60 000 inhabitants situated in the western center of France. It is at 63 km from La Rochelle (city situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean), 77 km from Poitiers and at 410 km from Paris (2:30 hours by train).
Niort is known to host the head office of the main French mutual insurance companies of insurance. It is a human-sized city in the heart of a rural department.
The volunteers will be welcomed within the teams of both Residences Housing environment  (RHJ). They will have to submit themselves to the French laws and to the internal regulation of the association.
The volunteers will work with the team of socio-educational animators and the employee of Cap’Jeune. Their activities can be shared between these two services, according to their need and motivations.
The team of socio-educational animators is in charge of leading the collective life of the RHJ and of making the educational accompaniment of the young people having “difficulties”. The problems of the young people in accompaniment are diverse and varied: young people having difficulties of social integration and\or professional, young people in situation of handicap, young follow-ups by the minor social, young services … These young people are accommodated in our premises with the other young people: students, trainees / apprentices, young workers and benefit from a help for their projects. The team also takes care of the animation of the collective life and for it propose activities in the evening and in weekend (meal, sport, concerts, exhibitions, excursions).

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La Rochelle : M-SPICE project Monitoring – sustanaible and participatory initiatives for cities in Europe

-Spice aims to develop and implement a joint framework to monitor local strategic plans to engage  stakeholders and citizens in an integrated and sustainable approach. The aim is to disseminate the project results at strategic events during the course of the project. One starting point for the project will be the Monitoring progress tool, developed within the EU Reference framework for sustainable cities as a local contribution to relevant EU 2020 objectives.

La Rochelle, CAAC city, is one of the partners.

InterCITY – European peer learning on local youth policy

10-12 October 2012 | Leipzig, Germany

This European conference offers a platform for european municipalities to exchange and learn from each other in the field of local youth policy.

Youth-related challenges like the transitions from youth to adulthood, youth unemployment, education and social participation, growing demands on the young people’s time and reduced space for their living occur in similar forms in many European countries and are subject to national and European policies. Equally, in many European countries it is the municipalities that are responsible for youth services and youth work. Municipalities are the level that is closest to the citizens and as such they are the central agent for providing the conditions of living and growing up for young people.


The conference aims at

  • Offering agents from all over Europe an opportunity to discuss various subjects and have an exchange about them;
  • Present good practice examples showing how municipalities in Europe exercise youth policy;
  • Stimulate the municipalities to take an active part in developing youth policy and youth work on the national and European levels;
  • Draw attention to the European trans-local exchange and European peer-learning as strategies for furthering the development of municipal youth policy and awaken interest in them;
  • Offer a platform for developing European networks;
  • Make municipalities more aware of the EU youth strategy and its added value for youth services.

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