La Rochelle : M-SPICE project Monitoring – sustanaible and participatory initiatives for cities in Europe

-Spice aims to develop and implement a joint framework to monitor local strategic plans to engage  stakeholders and citizens in an integrated and sustainable approach. The aim is to disseminate the project results at strategic events during the course of the project. One starting point for the project will be the Monitoring progress tool, developed within the EU Reference framework for sustainable cities as a local contribution to relevant EU 2020 objectives.

La Rochelle, CAAC city, is one of the partners.


Know Cities: Knowledge Cities in the Atlantic Area

Currently underway, Know Cities is the result of a reflection process on the planned strategies and cooperation processes in the emerging global knowledge economy. Its objective is to complete an innovative methodology to stimulate and promote the access and passage to the economy of urban knowledge. This transition will facilitate transnational cooperation in common areas related to sustainable urban development, factor of attractiveness and marketing for the Atlantic medium size cities which could be in a situation of competitive disadvantage compared to other regions. The concept of a Knowledge City has come about this century in the world’s most advanced societies and seeks to study the relationship that exists between knowledge, innovation and development. A Knowledge City is a geographical area
in which there is a society organised around itself and its main economic and social agents with a common purpose: to take part in the development of an economy based on knowledge which is orientated toward interpreting what is happening beyond its own local frontiers in order to be able to observe and act in accordance with the transformations which take place on a national and international level so that clear directives and guidelines can be established with a view to creating wealth, employment and quality of life within the local setting.
Co-financed by the European Union – ERDF, on the Atlantic Area Programme, Know Cities project was the fruit of a period of reflection on common strategies and processes of cooperation within the new world stage of the knowledge economy, a process developed within the framework of the Atlantic Arc Cities Conference. The Know Cities initiative has a budget of some 2 million euros, and focuses on situating Atlantic cities at the cutting edge of the so-called Knowledge Cities.
The aim of the project is to establish an innovative methodology which will stimulate and facilitate access and transition to a knowledge economy in the medium-sized towns and cities taking part, as a strategy aimed at making transnational cooperation easier in common areas relating to sustainable urban development. The aim is also to promote the creation of a Knowledge and Innovation Network which makes it possible to transfer information regarding municipal management and technological / innovation material.
Know Cities was presented at the Niort meeting. Here you have the document.