CECICN: Bureau meeting

CECICN’s political Bureau held its meeting last July 23th in Paris, at MOT headquarters. President Mr. Bugallo handed in his resignation, as he is not the Mayor of Santiago de Compostela any more; so there is opportunity for the other networks to present their candidates for the Presidency. After a short exchange between members there was an agreement about re-electing Mr. Bugallo as President of CECICN, so as to ensure current works until the next Bureau meeting. Regarding the General Secretariat, CECICN members agreed on the proposal of spliting it in two bodies:
– Executive Direction: MOT was elected for this position. Mr. Jean Perony will be the Executive Director of CECICN.
– General Secretariat: RIET was elected for this position. Mr. Xoan Vázquez Mao will be the Secretary General of CECICN.
Both bodies are at equal level and share responsibilities and tasks.
Due to the end of this year, CECICN is preparing a position paper on the importance of Territorial Cooperation, so as to prepare its future after 2013. All networks agreed on the importance of keeping the balance between cross-border and transnational experiences, as well as between all European areas.
The next October, the new secretary general is expected to hold a round of talks in Brussels with the President of the Commission on Regional Policy of European Parliament’s, Danuta Hubner, the European director for Cooperation, José Palma Andrés and the new director General for Regional Policy, whose appointment is expected in the fourth quarter, following the retirement of the current postholder, Dirk Ahner.
Among priorities, the organizing a European Conference on Territorial Cooperation in Denmark, the country that will hold the rotating presidency of the Union during the first half of 2012. This conference aims to set priorities for cooperation policy in the period 2014-2020 and defending co-operation of second generation.


General Assembly of MOT

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT) took place on 16 June at Reims (France), on the invitation of the Champagne Ardenne Region, member of MOT for several years.
Chaired by Michel DELEBARRE,a Conference-Debate was organized the day before, on 15 June 2011 focusing on the subject of cross-border cooperation: from national strategies to territorial projects.In this Conference, Marie Therese Sanchez Schmidt from The European Parliament, mentioned that Atlantic and Danube are macro-regions in the making. Although the structure EGTC may seem appropriate, it is not ready yet and is too heavy. The main aim to be achieved  is to provide mechanisms for participation of civil society in these integrated strategies while symplifying procedures.
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