Urban Projects through the Atlantic Arc: the future EU cohesion policy

The project TONETA, driven by the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) and led by Gijon in the framework of the Europe for Citizens programme, counts on the cooperation of CAAC cities and also involves, Cardiff, the Association of Municipalities of the Vale do Ave (AMAVE-Guimaraes), and AIRE 198 (Niort, Poitiers, La Rochelle, Angoulême). The main aims of TONETA is to give the transnational cooperations in the Atlantic Area a clear urban dimension, translating the subsidiarity principle into daily language; so active European citizenship shall become reality.
EU and Atlantic values will be at the basis of every action and will constitute the cross-cuting tool to ensure ownership of the results. It cannot be ignored that the countries of the Atlantic Arc have felt the effects of the current recession to a greater degree, and the local authorities are thus witnessing how their capacity to react is reduced. The exchange of best practices, projects that reach scale economies and wide involvement of civil society are sine qua non conditions to overcome the crisis.
This exchange of good practice has been crystalised in a report that summarises the relation beetwen urban Atlantic initiatives and the thematic objectives of the future EU cohesion policy.

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REVITA: An Atlantic Urban project to recover industrial land

Español: Elementos de higiene de la Plya de Gi...

Elementos de higiene de la Plya de Gijón (Asturias) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Led by Seville, between 2003 and 2005, REVITA has established innovative schemes for territorial spatial planning and action in obsolete industrial areas of the Atlantic Arc. This project, funded by INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area, had the objectives of economic revival and reuse of urban areas. The project offered innovative approaches through the delivery of three pilot projects (process, urban design and functional renovation) a methodology based on “action-research” which analyzed Atlantic experiences for industrial revival:
  • Pilot project on correct use of the process at the local, regional, and national levels.
  • ·Pilot project in urban transformation of industrial space.
  • ·Pilot project in functional renovation of industrial space (for companies, technology, and environmental management).
  • Each of these projects touches on the synergies generated in rural and urban areas, because analysis is done on experimental projects completed both in city centres and in their surrounding metropolitan environment.

Partners were:

  • Sevilla Global, Agencia Urbana de Promoción Económica del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla (ESP)
  • Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (PT)
  • Parque Expo, S.A. (Lisboa) (PT)
  • Communauté Urbaine de Brest (Bretagne) (FR)
  • Cardiff Council (RU)
  • Ayuntamiento de Gijón (Asturias) (ESP)
  • Ayuntamiento de Avilés (Asturias) (ESP)
  • Bordeaux Technowest (Mérignac). (Gironde – Aquitaine) (FR)
  • PRIMUS-Promoção e Desenvolvimento Regional, S.A. (Moreira da Maia) (PT)
  • Dublin City Council (IRL)
  • Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (FR)

You can read the final report in this link